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Pouya Haratipour

Pouya Haratipour

Pouya Haratipour
Research Fellow
University of Southern California



Pouya Haratipour is a researcher in chemistry, with focus on Organic, Medicinal, Bioorganic Chemistry, and computational modeling at the University of Southern California. He has worked extensively on synthesis of novel chemosensors that detect heavy metals in water before they reach a seriously toxic level. Also, he has worked extensively on synthesis of biologically active compounds with anti-cancer or antibacterial properties. In his Ph.D. study, he has developed a novel chemistry for synthesis of individual β,γ-modified triphosphate nucleotide diastereomers as a tool-kit to study the mechanism of repair by DNA polymerases which are key molecular process in oncogenesis. He has written and published many successful scientific articles in several prestigious chemistry and biochemistry journals, and his findings have been presented at national and international conferences, such as American Chemical Society (ACS), International Conference on Phosphorous Chemistry (ICPC). He also served as a reviewer for many prestigious chemistry and biochemistry journals. He received the prestigious John Stauffer award for excellence in Research.


Research Interest

Chemosensor design, Organophosphorus Chemistry, Drug design, and Phosphorous Chemistry, Computational modeling