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Cardiomyopathy means “disease of the guts muscle.” Cardiomyopathy damages the muscular tonus of the guts and reduces its ability to pump blood to the remainder of the body. As many as 1 in 500 adults may have cardiomyopathy, and lots of don't even know they need the condition. Cardiomyopathy may be a leading explanation for coronary failure and therefore the commonest reason for needing a heart transplant. Cardiomyopathy is so dangerous because it often goes unrecognized and untreated. Also, it's different from other heart problems because it frequently affects younger people.  A more clinical categorization of cardiomyopathy as 'hypertrophied', 'dilated', or 'restrictive' has become difficult to maintain because some of the conditions could fulfill more than one of those three categories at any particular stage of their development





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