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Innate Immune Response

The immune system includes innate and adaptive immune responses. Genetic factors or physiology due to innate immunity; It is not induced by infection or vaccination, but rather by the adaptive immune response of the workload. The innate and adaptive levels of the immune response involve secreted proteins, receptor-mediated signaling and complex cell-to-cell communication. The innate immune system developed at the beginning of animal evolution, about a billion years ago, as an essential response to infection. Innate immunity has a limited number of specific targets: any pathogenic threat triggers a coherent sequence of events that can be detected by either the pathogen and the ability to independently or mobilize a highly adaptive immune response. Cytokines called recombinant immune cells versus infection sites, including several chemical mediators. Identification and elimination of foreign substances present in organs, tissues, blood and lymph, by white blood cells. The immune system adaptation of activation 

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