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3rd International Conference on Chemistry Education and Research


Assistant Professor, The Ohio University, USA, E-mail: [email protected]

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Conferences series successfully organized 10th International Conference on Chemistry Education and Research, scheduled during June 21-22, 2018 at Oslo, Norway.

• The conference was initiated with the Excellencies of the keynote forums:

• Title: Stem Education Abroad: Yes you can!

• Kimberly B. Fields, University of South Florida, USA

• Title: Electronic Properties of various B-Doped Diamond (111)//Dye Molecule Interfaces

• Karin Larsson, Uppsala University, Swedan

After overwhelming response for Chemistry Education and Research-2018 conference we have geared up with another prominent conference that is “3rd World Summit on Chemistry Education and Research” will be held on September 17-18, 2020 at Prague, Czech Republic.

Chemistry 2020 furnishing an opportunity for speakers, moderators from all over the world to fulfil their ideas and innovative research ideas in materials chemistry. It is also an opportunity for researchers, chemistry professors, students to present and discuss the most recent advances and challenges on Chemistry Education and Chemistry Research. Moreover, the Best Poster award and Best speaker awards will be distributed by the Chair and co-chair of the session.

Chemistry 2020 serve global community in the development and distribution of valuable information. It aims to support global research communities by empowering clusters of scientists to regularly meet and discuss topics with front runners in the field. This conference covers important and relatively broad subject areas in the fields of Chemistry Education and Research.

The major industrially and functionally significant chemical product categories include inorganic and organic chemicals, ceramics, polymers, elastomers, surfactants, acids, oleochemicals, alcohols, dyes, bases, salts, alkalis, oils, colorants, esters, coatings, solvents, neutral gases, petrochemicals, process gases and source gases. Specialty chemicals are supplied from the oil and gas sector, while other chemicals are sourced from uncultivated biomass, agriculture, mining, industrial chemical synthesis reaction and even water. Various chemical synthesis and production processes are combined through associated chemical inputs and outputs hence many producers of chemicals also represent consumers.

Chemicals are placed in various categories based on their functional and industrial significance, including ceramics, inorganic and organic chemicals, oils, esters, surfactants, acids, oleochemicals, alcohols, solvents, source gases, neutral gases, process gases, petrochemicals, ceramics, polymers, salts, dyes, bases, colorants and dyes. The oil and gas sector provides various specialty chemicals. Other chemical producers also provide chemicals to consumers through the use of various chemical synthesis and production methods, which are combined through related chemical outputs and inputs. The transport industry that ships chemicals throughout the world is a trillion-dollar-annually market.

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