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gb*-Continuity in Topological Spaces

Dhanya. R1 and A. Parvathi2
  1. Research Scholar, Department of Mathematics, Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for Women Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
  2. Professor, Department of Mathematics, Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for Women Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
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In this paper using gb*-closed set in topological spaces due to Dhanya R and A Parvathi [22] we introduced a new class of functions in a topological spaces called  generalized b*-continuous functions (briefly gb*- continuous functions). Further the concept of almost gb*-continuous function and gb*-irresolute function are discussed


πgb*-continuous function, πgb*- irresolute function, almost πgb*-continuous function.


Generalized open sets play a very important role in general topology and they are now the research topics of many researchers worldwide. Indeed a significant topic in general topology and real analysis concerns the variously modified forms of continuity, separation axioms etc., by utilizing generalized open sets. Levine [4] introduced the concept of generalized closed sets in topological spaces. Since then many authors have contributed to the study of the various concepts using the notion of generalized b-closed sets. New and interesting applications have been found in the field of Economics, Biology and Robotics etc. Generalized closed sets remains as an active and fascinating field within mathematicians.


Levine [4] and Andrijevic [1] introduced the concept of generalized open sets and b-open sets respectively in topological spaces. The class of b-open sets is contained in the class of semipre-open sets and contains the class of semi-open and the class of pre-open sets. Since then several researches were done and the notion of generalized semi-closed, generalized preclosed and generalized semipre-open sets were investigated in [2, 5, 10]. The notion of π-closed sets was introduced by Zaitsev [12]. Later Dontchev and Noiri [9] introduced the notion of πg-closed sets. Park [11] defined πgp-closed sets. Then Aslim, Caksu and Noiri [3] introduced the notion of πgs-closed sets. D. Sreeja and S. Janaki [7] studied the idea of πgbclosed sets and introduced the concept of πgb-continuity. Later the properties and characteristics of πgb-closed sets and πgb-continuity were introduced by Sinem Caglar and Gulhan Ashim [6]. Dhanya. R and A. Parvathi[22] introduced the concept of πgb*-closed sets in topological spaces.


Throughout this paper (X, τ) represent non-empty topological spaces on which no separation axioms are assumed unless otherwise mentioned. For a subset A of a space (X, τ), cl(A) and int(A) denote the closure of A and the interior of A respectively. (X, τ) will be replaced by X if there is no chance of confusion.
Definition 2.1 Let (X, τ) be a topological space. A subset A of (X, τ) is called
The complements of the above mentioned sets are called semi open, α-open, pre-open, semipre-open, regular open, b-open and b*-open sets respectively. The intersection of all semi closed (resp. α-closed, pre-closed, semipre-closed, regular closed and b- closed) subsets of (X, τ) containing A is called the semi closure (resp. α-closure, pre-closure, semipre-closure, regular closure and b-closure) of A and is denoted by scl(A) (resp. αcl(A), pcl(A), spcl(A), rcl(A) and bcl(A)). A subset A of (X,τ) is called clopen if it is both open and closed in (X, τ).


The study of πgb*-continuous function is derived from the definition of πgb*-closed set. This study can be extended to fuzzy topological spaces and bitopological spaces.


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