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Autoimmune pain management with nutrition


 Author is a rheumatoid arthritis patient who was bedridden 13 years ago and was on methotrexate, immu­nosuppressants and steroids. 12 years ago, when her pain levels were unbearable, she was injected with steroid injections in each of her knuckles, both her wrists and one of her elbows all in the span of 60–90 min­utes, which made her pass out with the pain. At that time, her anti-CCP was 1116, her thyroid antibodies, con­firming Hashimoto’s, were 323, her RA factor was above 100, her inflammation markers, ESR and C-reactive pro­tein were extremely high. But her deformities had set in and pain levels were unbearable with the medications she was on. She is standing here today, 12 years later, with negligible pain and have managed to arrest some of her deformities. Her nutrition plan was a combination of physical nutrition and emotional nutrition, and she began following this plan in October 2007, with specific foods and supplements, restorative yoga, breathing techniques and meditation. By February 2008, her reports for all inflammation markers and bodies listed above were negative. Rheumatoid arthritis, like other autoimmune conditions is incurable as per medical science. Of­ten, patients go into remission for one year, however, to be consistently in remission for 11 years with a better quality of life was a revelation for me. She decided to test this out with others suffering like her. She became a certified nutritional therapist, cancer nutrition coach and WHO certified in malnutrition for infants and children and began treating patients across 22 countries struggling with pain. She put her own journey in her book and online and autoimmune patients in pain emailed me. The methodology was simple: she would request for blood tests, stage of disease, medicines they were on, daily food routine, age, gender. She was pleasantly surprised that each and every patient that followed as prescribed, ended up with the same results as she had achieved with herself. Clinically, blood reports started coming back into normal range, energy levels increased, pain levels decreased, and overall quality of life drastically improved from what it had been with medications. She did not use all anti-inflammatory foods and nutrients for rheumatoid arthritis patients. The list is extremely specific and rebuilds immune system and gut, so pain levels are reduced. 11 years and hundreds of patients later, she still stands, pain free, with high energy and a good quality of life only because of the power of physical and emotional nutrition in her autoimmune condition.