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Behaviour based pain management


In his video presentation, author will reveal how the ‘Pendulum Principle’ explain the intrigue of human be­haviour through the terms ‘entrainment’ or ‘entrapment’ which has a direct correlation to understanding ‘Be­haviour based pain management’. As foundation, a basic version of the DISC will be covered to allow attendees in brief to perform a self-analysis where they fit on the behaviour continuem. Attendees and viewers will also be exposed to the difference between natural and adapted behavioral styles based on personal DISC behav­ioral Styles. Behaviour drives the human in his/her endeavour to exist and co-exist. Based on the composition of temperament, character and personality, humans will succumb to who they ‘naturally’ are in the case of extreme PRESSURE and/or PAIN. Behaviour under pressure automatically results in either the fight (re-act) or flight (respond) behaviour, fuelled by a propensity to either be task or people focused. Pain management will be divided into the categories of either physical pain, emotional pain or psychosomatic pain. Author will pro­ceed to show how humans respond to pain because of WHO they are. Further teaching will reveal how toxic emotions will result in specific physical recognisable conditions. The expounding on ‘Behaviour based pain management’, using power point as basic outline while orally explaining influences and effects on us as hu­mans, he will captivate your intrigue and shape empathetic understanding of the reality that humans will never cease to amaze with the ability to find coping systems and methodologies to survive.