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Challenges and New ideas in Pharmaceutical and medicinal Sciences

Nadine Zeinab

Johns Hopkins International, Lebanon, E-mail:

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2020 - Conference Announcement

Many of the innovations in drug development are driven by new research methods and the growth of new therapeutic options, such as immune-related oncology drugs, personalized medicine, stem cells, and biologics.

The future of the Pharmaceutical Industry lies in overcoming barriers to innovation through advances in data analytics.

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is rapidly coming to terms with digital technology. Healthcare industry dramatis personae like a pharma company can use various digital marketing platforms for sharing educational content to help their potential and existing clientele, like explaining symptoms, causes, diagnosis, cure etc. for relevant diseases.

The advancement in the field of the healthcare industry is driving to the players for more research and developments for the drug delivery systems for the administration purpose required during various medical conditions.

The pen needles used in various injection pens have evolved gradually in terms of material, performance, dimensions and safety factors such as sterility and safety packaging. Various manufacturers are coming up with innovative products to sustain in the highly fragmented drug delivery systems market, in the region.

The last few years have been a positive period overall for both the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

The growth of the drug delivery systems market is primarily attributed to the rapid technological advancements in diabetes care devices and increasing rate of obesity. However, increasing reuse of pen needles is likely to pose a negative impact on the market growth.

Pharmacy provides understanding of the drug development process and good background on pathophysiology and pharmacology of many diseases. Understanding of communicating scientific data, clinical trial process and regulatory requirement is extremely important. It focuses on patient care while appreciating the viewpoint of all key stakeholders in the process of drug development.

Nadine Ziad Zeinab had given “Managing patients on opioid therapy: A pharmacist perspective” in which it gives how Clinical Pharmacist should be knowledgeable enough about opioid dosing calculation and conversion from one opioid to another, and the selection of the opioids based on patient and opioid related factors.

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Nadine Ziad Zeinab, Johns Hopkins International, Lebanon

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