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Enhancing Safety in Vertical Drilling Machine

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The proposal aims to implement Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) in vertical drilling machine to prevent hand injury. The hazard in drilling machine need to be found out through Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA). The risk of hand injury imposes a major concern for an organization, where numbers of centrifugal machines are equipped. It is therefore important to properly resource, plan and organize the activity so that they can be carried out in a safe manner. In order to prevent any incidents, near misses and property damage due to improper procedure of work an accident prevention initiative is being implied. Safety in machine prevents any such accident from happening. This also provides a safe system of work and ensures the compliance with current legislation of the state and international standards and the company‟s Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) standards. By installing VFD drive in vertical drilling machine power savings is obtained in along with the safety of the equipment at its design stage itself, which is the need of the hour. This helps small scale to large scale industries to achieve target zero in accidents in their premises.