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Herbal and Natural supplements effects used on traditionally and modern treatment for primary Health and home care in Iran.


The increasing demand in finding novel natural compounds or product in the world has diverted scientist’s attention toward of this sources. The very diverse environmental conditions and the rich variety of natural resources made it possible for the Iranians to create a great and flourishing civilization. Iran has hi ranks in medicinal and aromatic plant in natural resource and cultivated manner, traditional knowledge and producing of natural products in the world, spatially in Middle East. Iran also is very famous in producing essential oil and water extraction from national plants spatially Rosa damacena, menthe spp and Thym spp. The methods of extraction in Rosa damascena cultivated in extensive zone of Iran are shown different constitution. All Samples were analyzed by GC and GC/MS.  The main constituents of oil extracted traditionally, samples were extracted by two hydro distillation method which designed by authors in Research Institute of Forests and Rangelands. Main components of essential oils were citronellol, cis-p-menth -2-en-1-ol and geraniol. These compounds and others are very popular in producing drug anti-cancer, anti-bacterial out of that and we should take care of over doses or toxicology.  These products are used on traditionally and modern treatment for primary Health and home care. Our research work, show the activity of these components. So it is necessary for a protected herbals and product to be provided with information on its ingredients, indications, dosage, pharmacology, contraindications and possible side effects before a rational decision on its use.  

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