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Hydroxyethyl Cellulose: Hydrogel Based Drug Delivery

Venkateswarlu N*

Department of Pharmaceutics, Vagdevi Institute of Pharmacy, Nellore

*Corresponding Author:
Venkateswarlu N
Vagdevi Institute of Pharmacy
Andhra Pradesh, India
Tel: +91 9000187511
E-mail: [email protected]

Received date: 06/04/2014; Accepted date: 15/05/2014; Published date: 20/05/2014

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Drug delivery, Hydrogel, Polymers, Bio adhesive, Microbicides


Hydroxyethyl polysaccharide is a very important spinoff of polysaccharide that finds application in drug delivery. The lightness properties of HEC like, water solubility, non-ionic type, thickening agent, and may type suspension and emulsion adhesion, film formation, and dispersion, water retention, providing protection create this an acceptable candidate to be utilized in synthesis of hydrogels used for drug delivery of these characteristics HEC has water retention is doubly of alkyl group polysaccharide and hydroxypropyl polysaccharide, and also the protection power for collide is that the strongest. This section addresses the new progress in hydroxyethyl polysaccharide primarily based hydrogels fabrication. The aldohexose repeat unit is replaced with hydroxyethyl ether. These are the favourable teams that don't permit the chemical compound to crystallize and once this can be extra in answer it becomes soluble. Firstly, the nanocomposite hydrogels [1-4] ready by mistreatment HEC in conjugation with alternative polymers through physical or chemical mixing and also the formation of temperature responsive hydrogels supported it and its derivatives and their application is mentioned. Gorgieva et al. [5-8] Synthesized a singular colloidal gel with twin responsive absorption properties mistreatment HEC Associate in Nursing cellulose in a solution and mistreatment acid (CA) as a cross-linker [9]. The resulted colloidal gel fashioned showed a swelling profile of unwoven cotton fictitious with a skinny surface layer of modifying hydrogels was conjointly investigated. In a very important investigation by Hoemann et al. ready cytocompatible chitosan hydrogels crosslinked by HEC-Glyoxal, that were used for animal tissue repair applications. Cell viability and metabolic MTT assay were perfomed and hypothesized that the trace glyoxal gift in commercially accessible HEC is liable for natural action of Chitosan-GP/HEC hydrogels and these gels will be used as a cytocompatible adhesive delivery vehicle for articulary animal tissue repair applications. So it's seen that HEC will be used for in place delivery of cells and alternative factors for a therapeutic effect. The impact of incorporation of nanofillers in HEC matrix was studied by Dai et al. [10-11] Studied the impact of nanofillers like change polysaccharide nanocrystals and montmorillonite nanoclay on CMC/HEC hydrogels system. Efforts are created to develop colloidal gel membranes mistreatment HEC for wounds. Researchers are functioning on the event of membranes, that is clear and also the wounds will be pictured throughout the course of dressings while not disrupting the healing method. This invention developed hydrogels that may be made up of materials made up of woven or non-woven gel forming fibers. These reinforcing materials results into clear or clear on sorption of exudates, that makes simple for the visual image of the wound. The sheet is formed of colloidal gel chemical compound. The removal of the dressing is exempted by this invention. Above all, derivatives of polysaccharide, that are gel forming fibres with permeability of between 10 g/g of Na/salt, are used. Formulations of the many epithelial duct microbicides represent HEC as Associate in nursing inactive ingredient. These microbicides ar designed to forestall the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, as well as HIV. This chemical compound has been studied to be used as a placebo gel in clinical trials of HIV microbicides. Its use as a universal placebo for HIV microbicide trials has been adopted and also the safety of this product is being evaluated. A study reports the utilization of nimesulide topical gels mistreatment this natural bioadhesive [12-15] chemical compound HEC and it had been found that impact of chemical compound on bioadhesive strength was very vital. The drug studied within the gift work may be a second generation non-steroidal medication used for future medical care of rheumatism, in assuaging pain and inflammation. The 0.5 lifetime of three to four h needs multiple dosing for the upkeep of the therapeutic impact [16-18] during a day, which ends in additional fluctuation. So this gel prevents these aspect effects during a day, which ends in additional fluctuation. So this provides advantage of delivering the drug into web site of action. The reduction within the value of the medical care and patient compliance are the precious edges of this mode of drug delivery.


The innovation behind the in application of gel primarily based drug delivery system is that the development of recent chemical compound materials and advancement in engineering science. The uses of perishable artificial polymers have shown distinguished ends up in drug delivery. Self-assembled gel and hydrogels for growth targeting and imaging area unit to be explored at a larger pace. The precious addition of associate degree economical drug delivery systems in comparison to the event of freshly found drug will profit each economically also as drastically scale back the length of your time taken to develop a replacement drug in the pharmaceutical [19,20] world.