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Jeopardies in Human Security from a Bottom-up Perspective

Yang Pachankis*

Universal Life Church, Headquarters 601 3rd St, Modesto, CA 95351, USA

*Corresponding Author:
Yang Pachankis
Universal Life Church,
Headquarters 601 3rd St, Modesto,
CA 95351,

Received: 03-Nov-2022, Manuscript No. JMAHS-22-80099; Editor assigned: 07- Nov-2022, Pre QC No. JMAHS-22-80099 (PQ); Reviewed: 21-Nov-2022, QC No. JMAHS-22- 80099; Accepted: 28-Nov-2022, Manuscript No. JMAHS-22-80099 (A); Published: 05-Dec-2022, DOI: 10.4172/2319-9865.11.6.002.

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About the Study

Just as the environmental factor is an intrinsic determinant in biological sciences, freedom from disease is not merely a medial assertion. Gilabert defined the negative duty for the duty-bearers as “not to deprive the rightholder of access” to such intrinsic rights, and the transgression to such rights started with trespassing the negative duty by the supposedly duty-bearers. Militarism regimes’ breaches to their negative duties in public health often accompany with a false positive claim of duty replacing the rights in question into a different concept for political negotiation, resulting with further suffrage for the right-holders and more severe transgressions thereto in an “all-encompassing way” by resource calculations to the trespassers’ ends.


Not only DNA damage can directly result from proliferation, further associated erosions to the evidencebased determinants of health can collapse the institutional determinants of health, including characteristics and behavioral changes resulted from mental and psychological health transgressions [1,2].

Water oxidization

Deuterium catalysis in water oxidization disrupts with pH values in unsalted water resources and poses RNA mutation risks in urban and agricultural water supplies. For the liquid’s relative heavier mass than water, its penetration to ground water contamination through soils and rocks not only affect the precipitation cycles of water atmospherization, but also contaminates the natural food and water resources with their sustainable potentials locally and regionally [3].

Economic degradation

With direct threat to public health, water contamination’s direct impacts on the first sector of economy further derogate access to healthcare in the third sector by affordability. Albeit professional ethics in the medical sciences prevent total dysfunction for case-by-case necessities, growing demands in pharmaceutical solutions deteriorate the third sector’s capacities in disease preventions, derogating the frontline professionals’ capacities in fundamental research and their positive duties to the right-bearers. Such bureaucratic obstructions were prominently revealed by the Chinese police’s admonition on the whistle-blower’s dissimilation of public health information and decisions in obstructing the WHO in issuing global public health emergency [4].


By the Declaration of Helsinki, changes in environmental plasmas can directly exert statistical DNA damage to the individuals whose right to health has been breached from the primary sources causing the climate changes. The accumulative effects for environmental factors further increase the statistical weighs in probabilities for DNA damages in humans and mutations in human biochemistry and molecular pathological epidemiology [5].

Discussion and Conclusion

Nonproliferation is the ethical mandate in the negative duty for the duty-bearers in not transgressing the people’s right to health, while arms control prevents further deteriorations in human rights transgressions, and decreases the major sources’ impact on climate change. In order to exercise positive duties on the right to health, disarmament will still be a necessity for the maintenance costs in public health with nuclear and chemical weaponry, especially considering the RNA mutation capacities.

Besides impacts to public health and human rights, electronic warfare catalyzes climate change by mass release of electrolytes to military and industrial airborne pollution. Pollutants travel with alkaline in proliferated areas, furthering airborne disease dispersion capacities along with particulate matters, yet economic compartmentalization and political judicialization restrict people’s freedom and ability to move. With the power greed behind the contract breaking of necessary negative duty, the bottom-lines ought not to be trespassed further.