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Modified Multiphase Induction Motor with High Starting Torque

P.Nagaraj, V.Kannan, Dr.M.Santhi,
M.E. Power Electronics & Drives, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Sethu institute of Technology, Pullor, Kariyapatti, Virudhunagar, India
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This paper present the development of prototype six phase induction motor using mat lab software and proved that the torque of this motor is superior than that of the three phase induction motor. Three phase induction motors are standard because it’s cost, robustness, reliability and maintenance free operation. To improve the system performance facing the limits on power ratings of the power supplies and semiconductors motivates the phase numbers more than the conventional three phases and machine output power can be divided into two or more solid state inverters of the same power limits. More phases bring to control additional degree of freedom for the further improvements of the drive system


six phase induction motor, reliability, torque


In the environment of industrial drives, the Variable speed induction motors replaces DC motors drives because the DC motors have the inbuilt disadvantage of mechanical commutator, and brushes which undergo wear and tear with decade of time. In the fast decade years the technological opportunities in the area of multi-phase Induction Motors undergo important evolution but soft control of torque and speed of these multi-phase induction Motors have forever been a confront to the electrical engineers. The six phase AC induction Motors are used for high power high current industrial drive system. The inherent advantages of multilevel inverter fed six phase induction Motors are ―improved torque density, enhanced system reliability, reducing the rotor harmonic current losses, lowering the dc-link current harmonics, reduced torque ripples, reduced harmonic power loss, better power distribution per phase, improved power characteristics and improved efficiency‖ When compared with the three phase induction motors. The six phase induction Motors have several application were high power, high current and high starting torque are needed such as ―Electric traction, hybrid electric vehicles, electric ship propulsion, and the more electric air craft.‖




Rectified voltage is fed to the two voltage source inverters and the output of the inverters is connected to the six phase induction motor. The output of the one inverter is shifted 30 electrical degrees from other. If there is no phase sift between the inverters the motor act as the three phase induction motor. The motor is modeled using the above equations. The motor simulation results are shown on the figure ( 6) and(7).Fig (6) shows the result of the six phase induction motor and fig (7) shows the output of the three phase induction motor. The torque of the six phase and three phase induction motors are shown on the figure (8) and (9) respectively. From the torque wave forms (fig (8) and (9)) the starting torque of the six phase induction motor is about 565 N-m and the torque of the three phase induction motor is about 345 N-m. i.e. six phase induction motor torque is almost 1.6 times greater than the three phase induction motor torque.


Six phase induction motor finds its application in the area of high power high current applications. Because of its high torque it is suitable to be used in electric ship propulsion, Hybrid electric vehicle, more electric aircraft etc. We are able to compare the torque of three phase induction motor with torque of six phase induction motor with the help of Mat lab software.


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