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Note on Research Of Microbiology and Biotechnology

Puca Edmond*

University Hospital Center of Mother Teresaa, Tirana, Albania

*Corresponding Author:
Puca Edmond
University Hospital Center of Mother
Teresaâ, Tirana, Albania

Received date: 10/07/2020; Accepted date: 24/07/2020 Published date: 31/07/2020

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I am glad to discuss about Research & Reviews: Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology. This journal is open access and peer reviewed that makes important contributions in this field, encompassing huge parts of Microbiology and Biotechnology such as, Microbial Cell Biology, Microbial Ecology and Diversity Bioactive Compounds and molecular biology, Chemical Biology, Food Microbiology Biocatalysts and Fermentation Technology, Animal Biotechnology, Soil Microbiology, , Plant Biotechnology, Bioprocess and Metabolic Engineering, Environmental Microbiology and Engineering, Immunology and Clinical Microbiology, Virology, Molecular Genetics and Medical Microbiology.

JMB publish various kinds of articles such as research article, original article, review articles, short review, case reports, case studies, case series, short communications in the field of microbiology and biotechnology.

JMB approves single blinded peer review process and uses Editorial tracking system for article submission, review process and tracking article status. Review procedure is made by the editorial board members of Journal or outdoor professionals. Double liberated reviewer’s agreement followed by editor's approval is compulsory for accept every paper.

Our journal is going to do issue release volume 9 issue 2 of the journal. In this issue we are going to publish 7 article those articles are covering various topics related to scope of journal all articles is published by global researchers and I hope these articles will be helpful for the global readers for our journal.

Hirashima T et al. published their article entitled “Possibility of Using the Interferon Gamma Release Level As a Dynamic Biomarker”. The probable of expending interferon-γ relief by way of a biomarker was inspected in the earlier studies. 29 patients preserved with immune checkpoint inhibitors were alienated into 3 sets conferring their IFN-γ relief level afterward enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. These 3 groups presented pure variances in clinical consequences. IFN-γ release could be a novel dynamic biomarker to describe the immunological position of a patient at the pretreatment stage.

In the article entitled “Dye Degradation and Bactericidal Potential of Bi-Doped Mos2 Nanosheets” Ikram et al. discussed about 2D materials, for instance, MoS2 Display antibacterial prospective in difference to numerous microbes and decent Degradation replies in contradiction of dissimilar dyes.

Iyevhobu ko, and his colleague published there research article on Prevalence of Parasitic Infections in Relation to CD4+ and Antiretroviral (ART) Usage of HIV Sero-Positive Patients Attending Irrua Specialist

Teaching Hospital (ISTH) Irrua, Edo State, Nigeria. This article is very interesting and important changes were found in prevalence of opportunistic parasitic infections among CD4+ count, ART usage besides age group.

Mudronova et al. distributed their article entitled “The Effect Of Dietary Supplementation with Flaxseed and Probiotic Lactobacilli on Cell-Mediated Immunity in Weaned Pigs” in this research article the outcome of the application of probiotic lactobacilli in the method of probiotic cheese and flaxseed interceded immune response in pigs was considered.

Rehwan F et al. contributed their review paper “Soft Tissue Infection in Intravenous Drug Users-Current Challenges”. In this evaluation author talked about the present tasks related with causative pathogens for SSTI in IDU and their organization and cautious plans.

I am very glad to be a part of this journal and I would like to say thanks to all authors who participated in this issue and published their valuable article in our journal and also I would say thanks to the readers and other peoples who make this journal successful.