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Petro Chemistry 2020 scheduled on November 25-26, 2020 at Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

Dr. Mehrab Mehrvar

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering Ryerson University, Canada, E-mail:

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Petrochemicals are substance items acquired from oil by refining. Some chemical mixes produced using oil are likewise obtained from other petroleum derivatives, for example, coal or gas, or inexhaustible sources, for example, corn, palm natural product or sugar stick, The two most normal petrochemical classes are olefins counting ethylene and propylene and aromatics like benzene, toluene and xylene isomers. Petroleum treatment facilities produce olefins and aromatics by liquid reactant breaking of oil portions. Synthetic plants produce olefins by steam splitting of gaseous petrol fluids like ethane and propane. Aromatics are delivered by reactant transforming of naphtha. Olefins and aromatics are the structure hinders for a wide scope of materials, for example, solvents, cleansers, and glues. Olefins are the reason for polymers and oligomers utilized in plastics, filaments, elastomers, greases, and gels. Petrochemicals also include plastics, soaps, detergents, paints, fertilizers, pesticides, synthetic fibers, explosives, rubbers, and flooring and insulating materials.


Petro Chemicals and Chemical Engineering 2019 witnessed an amalgamation of peerless speakers, who enlightened the crowd with their knowledge and confabulated on various new-fangled topics related to the field of Petro chemistry and Chemical Engineering with namely Dr. Mehrab Mehrvar, Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering Ryerson University, Canada.


With the successful completion of Petro Chemicals and Chemical Engineering 2019, we are glad to announce our upcoming “Petro Chemicals Congress” 2020 is going to be held during November 25-26, 2020 Kualalampur, Malaysia. The Conference will be organized around the theme “Advances in Petro chemicals and Chemical Engineering’’. Petro Chemicals and Chemical Engineering: highlighting the latest and exciting innovations in Petro Chemicals and Chemical Engineering.

Petro Chemicals 2020 Conference invites all Petroleum Chemistry Professors, Oil and Gas Societies, Petroleum Engineering Faculty, Petrology Graduates, Petroleum Technology Students, Oil and Gas Research Scholars, Oil and Gas Scientists, Petroleum Analysts, Chemical Engineering Professors, Petroleum Chemicals Marketers. It is a forum to explore issues of mutual concern as well as exchange knowledge, share evidence, create arrangements, ideas, and generate solutions.


Different Instruments are in use for the monitoring and control the process plant in oil, gas and petroleum industries. They includes sensing devices to measure process parameters such as temperature, pressure, liquid level, flow, velocity, composition, density, weight; and mechanical and electrical parameters such as vibration, position, current and voltage, Equipment’s used are Oil treatment plants, Module-Type Formation Pressure Maintenance Plant, Oil-heating units, Mobile Nitrogen Production System, Mobile Gas Pumping System, Oil desalting plants, Gas Separators, Oil and gas production and transport equipment, Drilling Equipment, Equipment for offshore platforms, Fuel storage tanks, Rotating Equipment’s like these many equipment’s are used for different purposes in the oil gas and petroleum field.

Another Petro chemistry and Chemical Engineering conference has been successfully completed- The 7th edition – and we must Thank the Attendees, Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Atlanta Airport-North & Conference Centre Staff, and the Organizing Committee, Ad-Sponsors & Media partners and everyone else that helped to make the 7th World Congress on Petro chemistry and Chemical Engineering with the theme: A global hub for exchanging the advanced technologies in Petro chemistry a successful conference.

We hope that you obtained the kind of advance technical information in the arena of Petroleum, Chemical Engineering that you were seeking, and that your role in the field has been enhanced via your participation. We hope that you were able to take part in all the sessions and take advantage of the tremendous advancements in Petro chemistry and Chemical Engineering that scientists are working with.

If you have any feedback for us for future consideration or enhancements of this Conference, please provide your feedback to Conference Manager.

Marry Michael
Program manager | Petro Chemicals 2020
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