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Scaling Up, in Global and International Health using Primary Care


In 2020 there are so many changes that have occurred in healthcare and the way that healthcare is being delivered on the frontlines of developing countries. From India to Africa there are many people that desperately need excellent primary care and the difference can be made by use of nurse practitioners, advancements in medicine and creating access for people who otherwise may not be able to receive medical care. Global health is such an issue around the world especially with the new virus epidemics and the shortage of medical supplies that have recently been reported. We as a whole can make a difference and there will be a discussion of some of the leading interventions, health innovations and the required funding to expand access to quality healthcare which is in high demand everywhere. In the World Health Organization 2030 adopted agenda for Sustainable Development and Universal Health Coverage which states it is a basic human right to have adequate access to healthcare and understanding that equality of healthcare is paramount among the nations. Malaria, Tuberculosis, and HIV are three of the most lethal disease processes among the poorest populations to be affected and is largely associated with their lifestyle as well as environmental hazards