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 Ayurveda is Science Based Evidence Based Medicine which incorporates both Basic and Applied Science of human-being. The patho-physiological rationale based on cause-mechanism-effect relationship which are proven and established by theorems and principles form the fundamental basis of decision making in Ayurvedic Medical System. Ayurveda has excellent Science Based Evidence based guidelines for the diagnosis based on variable cause mechanisms of all present and future diseases and pertinent guidelines for the reversal of the same. The  chief goal of pain management in Ayurveda is not mere pain relief but rather the reversal of pain and for that there are systematic scientific algorithms to appraise the aetiopathogenesis of acute and chronic,neuropathic and inflammatory pains and therapeutic decision making strategies are designed on the target based on the uniqueness of cause and  nature of aetiopathogenesis of pain. There are fast and on the target scientific guidelines which incorporate smallest dosages of oral medication or medicated water along with scientific diet specifically designed to reverse the cause in Ayurveda. The poster will depict the same