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Small Review On Gastric Distress Activity Of Herbal Extract

Shatadru Bhattacharjee*


Dr. BC Roy College Of Pharmacy And allied Health Science, West Bengal, India

*Corresponding Author:
Shatadru Bhattacharjee
Post Graduate Fellow, Dr. BC Roy College of Pharmacy and allied Health Science, India.
E-mail: [email protected]

Received date: 10/12/2016 Revised date: 15/12/2016 Accepted date: 20/01/2017

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Medicinal plants have a major role in drug invention & also have efficacy of the drug. Herbal medicine possess efficacy worldwide along with Safety and very less side effects. A major part of the population suffers due to the reason of gastric distress which involves IBS, heartburn, diarrhoea, constipation. Several problem occurs due to improper digestion of our foodwhich we used to take in daily basis. It is clinically proved that initial stage of disease id due to the improper adsorption of food nutrients. The food which also taken by majority of people is may be not processed properly which is the main reason to go wrong within our body. The problem with all the antacids and drugs is that they don't fix anything. The GI problem always comes back. The use of herbal remedy all over the world for GI distress is common from the ancient time & further research on this will make this herbal remedy of gastric distress will make a innovative way for GI problems.


IBS, heartburn, diarrhoea, constipation.


The Synthetic compounds like antacids, Digestive enzyme sold have any indication & there are a lot of people out there that are suffering from digestive disorders [1-7]. Indigestions may not sound like a major health problem. Large volume or less acid in the stomach generally related to the regulatory disorder. This means the patient has a problem in his nervous system or to the stomach or a problem with hormonal regulatory gland, especially the pituitary gland. Digestive organs like liver, pancreas, intestine, gallbladder, stomach have close nerve and hormonal communication. As digestive organs produce a large amount of fluids and juices full of enzymes, a lack of minerals or a kidney problem is directly related to central gland & the rate of secration [8-15] depends upon the time and quantity of food materials. The problem with all the antacids and drugs is not able to fix anything & as a result GI problem always comes back. Digestive disorder comes out as a result of some another problem. That’s the reason why synthetic medicine is not effective as a permanent solution of GI problem but for plant source of medicine is much effective rather than allopathic medicine [16-27].

 List of Major Societies

Many societies in the USA committed to saving lives and finishing the fight against adverse effects of antacid, Digestive enzyme etc. [28-34].

Many Association and societies in USA like American Gastroenterological Association addressed by the plan, the essence of which is summed up by the mission statement: For more advancement of the Science and Practice of Gastroenterology [35-43]. Another society, The WGO Foundation is the resource for the World Gastroenterology Organization. Incorporated as a 501 (c)(3) organization in 2007, the Foundation was established as a strategic response to increasing demand to solicit financial support for WGO’s global and developing low-resource country training and educational programs.

Journal of Gastrointestinal & Digestive System supports the 7th Global Congress on Gastroenterology & Endoscopy hosted by Conference Series LLC took place at Atlanta, Georgia, USA during September 12-14, 2016. Active participation and generous response were received from the Organizing Committee Members, Editorial Board Members of Conference Series LLC. In this conference few dignitaries presented their valuable speech about their topic few of these are as follows [44-57].

Muhammad Jawad (Orlando Regional Medical Center, USA) presented a lecture for the topic of - Abdominal pain after bariatric surgery.

Simon S Rabinowitz (Downstate Children’s Hospital, USA) presented a lecture for the topic of -The role of endosonography (EUS) in evaluating pediatric eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE).

Ashwani K Singal (University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA) presented a lecture for the topic of - Acute Kidney Injury among Patients with Cirrhosis [58-64].

Types of Gastric Distress

There are different types of gastro disease, like

 Colorectal Cancer- In the U.S., colorectal cancer (CRC) is common cancer diagnosed among people and the leading reason of cancer death. It can be prevented by the detection and removal of adenomatous (benign tumor of glandular tissue).

 IBD - The two IBD(inflammatory bowel diseases) are UC(Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis) most care for these chronic diseases which might be life threatening of hospitalization and also curable through herbal remedy [65-71].

 Esophageal Diseases - The most common esophageal diseases seen by gastroenterologists are Barrett’s esophagus and GERD. It may be caused from congenital conditions. Several people experience a burning feeling in their chest occasionally, which caused by refluxing of stomach acid into the esophagus also known as heartburn.

 Liver Diseases - Liver disease is a very common disease now a days, it’s because of daily food habit , alcohol, drinking water. It is a condition that damages the liver and prevents it from functioning well. Different types of liver disease is in there like Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, Hepatitis c, Hepatitis B, Cirrhosis of the liver, Alcoholic hepatitis, Hepatitis A, Hemochromatosis [72-73].

 Pancreatic Disorders - Pancreatitis is a disease in which inflammation starts & there are two forms of pancreatitis which are differentiated by symptoms and treatment.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome - IBS is the one of the commonest disease which is found in the 15-20% of the population [74- 79]. It is an intestinal disorder causing pain in the lower abdomen, gas, constipation, diarrhea.

 Functional GI Disorders – It is a common health problem that are characterized by tenacious and recurring Gastro intestinal symptoms. These is due to abnormal functioning of the GI tract.

 Peptic Ulcer- An ulcer is an sore. The word peptic denotes that the cause of the problem is due to acid secretion. The most common types of peptic ulcer are gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers [80-87].

There are several treatment mentioned in many books for herbal source of medicine are as follows

 Coconut water in useful as a simple remedy for acidity.

 Mix of honey, apple cider vinegar, water before meals fights acidity which is an potent herbal remedy for acidity [88-93].

 Ocimum tenuiflorum have a medicinal value for gas and stomach burning.

 Almond is an anti acidic substance.

 Sugary cold water relieves from burning of stomach.

 Carrots, tomato mixture can be taken because these are natural remedy cure for acidity.

 Radish + black pepper improve digestion.

 Chewing of cloves fight from acidity.

 Powder of amlaki + honey thrice a day is useful get relief from acid reflux.

 Cold milk relief from acidity [88-93].

 Eating of Jaggery subsides burning stomach.

 Eating of yoghurt is helpful for burning stomach.

 Eat water melon, banana and cucumber to get relief from acid reflux.

 Strained the mix of 1 cup of warm water & add 1 tsp of honey for acidity.

 Sipping of boil mint leaves having a good experience in acidity.

 Baking soda in small quantity is quite helpful for immediate relief.

 Ginger minimize indigestion.

 Cardamom is useful for getting relief from acidity.

 Herbal tea that contains spearmint +licorice is quite helpful.


In the scope of the present study, few medicinal plants and some other substance have a strong digestive and anti acidic property [94-97]. The majority of medicinal plants determined in this study grow in the wild, Some of known herbal plant are cultivated. By processing of these plant extract like decoction infusion and by addition of some other substance the medicine is made up of. Mostly used herbs like ginger, garlic, lavender, thime, Chamomile, Dendalion. Mostly used parts of the plants were the leaves and fruits. Moreover medicinal value of the herbal source is more effective and a suitable way to treat gastroenterological problem & and after few decads herbal remedy of gastro will be more popular [98-100].


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