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Sport Intelligence


"Sport in 21st century is important part of a global realm and requires a wide range of Multi –Intelligences (MI). Which includes sensory motor and social cognition skills: integrating physical talent with spatial visualisation, motivation and perseverance; innovative reasoning; abstract and practical problem-solving; and the ability to assess and anticipate the behaviour of another person. Skills related to intellectual function – both the ability to delay gratification and to react instantly are essential to championship performance. Team play, without which individual talents may never yield championships, involves yet another set of complex skills involving social communication (verbal and non-verbal); the ability to subordinate personal needs to group goals; frustration tolerance; and the ability to inhibit prized skills while deliberately learning other, previously ignored or devalued, skills. As well use of Constructive Emotional, Spiritual and Artificial Intelligences. I am convinced that by close study of international participants in individual and team sports we can contribute mightily to a much more sophisticated understanding of Multi- Intelligences activities and capability.