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Young Researchers Forum - Young Scientist Awards MED PHARMA CONGRESS 2020

Dr. Hiteksha S. Panchal

Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy, Anand Pharmacy College, India, E-mail:

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Young Researchers Forum -2020

Prestigious Award for Young Research’s at Med Pharma Congress 2020 - Discovering New Exploration in Med Pharma Congress 2020 field.Med Pharma Congress 2020 Committee is glad to announce 20th Medicinal & Pharmaceutical Sciences Congress” during March 30-31, 2020 in Osaka, Japan by focus on the theme: “Challenges and New ideas in Pharmaceutical and medicinal Sciences”.

The “19th Annual Medicinal & Pharmaceutical Sciences Congress” hosted by conference series with the theme, “Novelties in Pharmaceutical and Medical Sciences “was successfully executed during March 25-26 ,2019 in Osaka, Japan. The conference offered a unique opportunity to investigators across the globe in order to meet, explore, network and perceive new scientific innovations. The conference received commendable and active participation was received from the Editorial Board Members of OMICS Group Journals as well as from the global scientists, Professors, Academicians, Researcher Scholars and students from diverse fields of Plant Science and Bio Technology.

The conference commenced with the presence of worthy Keynote forum and among the notable ones, few are listed below. “An Easy Understanding Of Novel Herbal Cosmetic Approaches” by M.S. Ashawat, Laureate Institute of Pharmacy, India. “Design, develop and evaluate dispensary software in RP-KTPH teaching dispensary” by Jeremy Choo, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore

Conference series is organizing “22nd Annual Medicinal & Pharmaceutical Sciences Congress”which is going to be held on March 19-20, 2020 at Osaka,Japan .The Theme of the conference is “Challenges and New ideas in Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Sciences. The conference is going to cover the entire field related to Pharmaceutical Sciences, latest research and findings . The Conference will provide a platform where research scholars and students will be able to gain knowledge about new, innovative research and findings from the eminent Scientist, Researchers and Professors. Med pharma Congress 2020 could be an international platform for pharmacists, pharmaceutical business professionals, pharmaceutical marketing professionals and researchers, scientists, clinicians, academics, students and different health care professionals.

The primary goal of Med Pharma Congress 2020 is to promote the latest advancements, research, and developments, explore the challenges in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science and connected areas.The conference highlights of Plant Physiology 2020 are as follows: : Pharmaceutical sciences, Drug Development, Pharmacology , Toxicology, Pharmacovigilance, Pharmacogenomics, Analytical and Bio analytical Techniques, Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, Pharmaceutical Preformulation Studies, Industrial Pharmacy, Pharma Nanotechnology, Medicinal Chemistry, Clinical Pharmacy, Hospital & Healthcare management, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)Past Conference Report

Med Pharma Congress 2020 Conference Committee is intended to honour prestigious award for talented Young researchers, scientists, Young Investigators, Post-Graduate students, Post-doctoral fellows, Trainees, Junior faculty in recognition of their outstanding contribution towards the conference theme. The Young Scientist Awards make every effort in providing a strong professional development opportunity for early career academicians by meeting experts to exchange and share their experiences on all aspects of Pharma, Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Young Research’s Awards at Med Pharma Congress 2020 for the Nomination: Young Researcher Forum - Outstanding Masters/Ph.D./Post Doctorate thesis work Presentation, only 25 presentations acceptable at the Med Pharma Congress 2020 young research forum.


➢ Young Scientist Award recognition certificate and memento to the winners.

➢ Our conferences provide best Platform for your research through oral presentations.

➢ Learn about career improvement with all the latest technologies by networking.

➢ Young Scientists will get appropriate and timely information by this Forum.

➢ Platform for collaboration among young researchers for better development.

➢ Provide an opportunity for research interaction and established senior investigators across the globe in the field.

➢ Share the ideas with both eminent researchers and mentors.

➢ It’s a great privilege for young researchers to learn about the research areas for expanding their research knowledge.


➢ Young Investigators, Post-Graduate students, Post-doctoral fellows, Trainees, Junior faculty with a minimum of 5 years of research experience

➢ Presentation must be into scientific sessions of the conference.

➢ Each Young Researcher / Young Scientist can submit only one paper (as first author or co-author).

➢ Age limit-Under 35yrs

➢ All submissions must be in English

Med Pharma Congress 2020 provides best platform to expand your network, where you can meet scientists, authorities and CROs from around the world. It’s your time to grab the opportunity to join Med Pharma Congress 2020 for promoting your research article and to facilitate prestigious award in all categories. In this fame, we look forward for your contribution and astonishing dedication to make our Med Pharma Congress 2020 more successful.

The Med Pharma Congress 2020 conference offers other awards such as emerging scholar awards to outstanding researchers, exceptional graduates or early academicians who have distinctive enthrallment towards the conference themes. The Award strives in providing a strong professional development opportunity for early career academicians—meeting experts in the field, interacting with colleagues from other parts of the world, and creating networks and long-term relations. Scientific Service Achievement Award, The Research Contribution Award, The Upcoming Researcher Award, The Women of Science Award, Outstanding speaker in Med Pharma Congress 2020, Best Keynote Speaker in Med Pharma Congress 2020, Best Poster Presentation in Med Pharma Congress 2020 and Outstanding Masters/Ph.D./Post Doctorate thesis work Presentation in Med Pharma Congress 2020