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A Comparative Study Of The Flood Detection System


One of the most harmful natural disasters that naturally occurs is flooding, which occurs with an increase in water level. The damage caused by the flood will be more harmful and the time taken for recovery will take a long period of time. The only way to reduce the damage and save the lives of people is to frequently detect the water level. The level of the water in systems such as dams, reservoirs, etc., is to be frequently tested and monitored. The water level can be predicted by the proposed system. The Flood Monitoring System research is totally based on the GSM sim900A module, which will be interfaced with the most well-known microcontroller, the "ATmega328", the equivalent microcontroller which is utilized in the Arduino Uno. A water level observing sensor will likewise be associated with this microcontroller to monitor the water level.

Muhammad Ahmad Baballe*, Basiru Mati, Usman Haruna Hussain, Zainul-Abideen Abbati, Bashir Muhammad Abba, Garba Bello Garbadiso

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