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A Comparative Study on Photo Catalytic Degradation of Textile Industry Effluent by Using TiO2/ZnO Photocatalyst


The textile industry consumes large quantities of water and produces large volumes of waste water from different step of designing, scouring, bleaching, dyeing, finishing, folding and packing. Waste water from dyeing unit is rich in color containing residues of reactive dyer and chemical such as complex components many aerosols, high chrome, high COD & BOD concentration as well as much more hard degradation materials. The photo catalytic degradation of this effluent is reported in the present paper TiO2/ZnO were used as photo catalyst for the study. The rate de-colorization was estimated from residual concentration spectrophotometrically. Effect of some operating parameters such as the initial pH, H2O2/COD ratio and the amounts of catalyst on the degradation of the effluent were investigated.

Radhika Tiwari, and ON Choubey

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