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A Review on: The Bicontinuous Cubic Phase Nanoparticulate


Cubosomes have a very interesting structureal property. Cubosomes are the square shaped particles with internal visible cubic lattices. Compared to other novel drug delivery system cubosomes have advantages including ease of preparation, special liquid crystalline properties and better physInical stability cubosomes consist of honeycombed structures separating two internal aqueous channels and a large interfacial area. Cubic nanoparticles are self-assembled liquid crystalline particles of surfactants with natural lipid. It has high internal surface area which allows loading drug in cubic crystalline structures. Cubosomes are relatively simple to prepare and it has ability of encapsulating hydrophobic, hydrophilic and amphiphilic drug substances. This review article provide an overview of cubosome, types, structure, composition, recent formulations of cubosomes, methods of preparation, characterization and applications of cubosomes in the formulations with various categories drugs

Deepak Joshi, Sunayana Rathore, Vishakha chouhan

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