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Advances In PH-signaling Transcription Factor PacC In Fungi


In order to maintain the intracellular acid–alkaline balance, growth and metabolism, microorganisms have evolved a pH pathway that includes the pacC gene and pal genes, to respond to and transmit ambient pH. The PacC protein is a key regulator in this pathway, initially found in Aspergillus nidulans and later found in a variety of fungi. The transcription factor PacC includes three zinc fingers and three regions A–C, and has an active form, a short-chain polypeptide formed through two successive hydrolysis processes. This active form can promote expression of acidic genes, inhibit expression of alkaline genes, and regulate growth, toxin production and pathogenicity. Phenotypic variation in different pacC mutants indicates that the regulatory role of PacC is not entirely consistent in different strains. This review summarizes the above mentioned points and discusses the different functions of PacC in a variety of fungi, provides the mechanism of PacC response to the external environment and the chain response of other pathways regulated by PacC.

Hao Yan, Yan Wang*, Fei Liu, Xiao Li Shen, Qian Yang, Yang Liu*

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