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Alternatives to Animal Experimentation


Today in every new drug discovery countless monkeys, dogs, rats and other animals are burned, blinded, cut open, poisoned, starved and drugged behind closed laboratory doors. In most of drug study we obtained inaccurate result because of vast physiological variation of animal and human. Animal studies teach us nothing about the health of humans because human reactions to illness and medications are completely different from the reactions of other animals. different animal absorbs, metabolize and excrete substances differently than human do. After all of this we continuously used animals for experimentation at research centers and collages. so, why we can use animals. Nowadays several non-animal testing are available, they can't provide accurate result but provide comparable information about testing of drug. Today's most challenges about non animal experimental is to obtain accurate result. Vivisection in India is very careless. animals are yelled at, hit, left to suffer after surgery without any painkillers, crammed into small cages, denied veterinary care and more in India approximately 50,000 animals are supplied every year by NCLAS. Nowadays several techniques are used which can reduce animal uses. Two major technique are in vitro cell culture and in silico computer stimulation. In silico computer stimulation also used data from prior animal experiments and in vitro cell culture also used animal derived products. all of the above information says that according to my opinion the animal and non-animal experiment can't give satisfactory result. By doing experiment on human individual or its product we can only obtained accurate result.

Jayesh Gadhiya* Gaurav Kumar Sharma and Meenakshi Dhanawat

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