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Amino Acid based Schiff Bases and its Zn (II) Complexes


Metal chelates of Schiff base prepared by combining salicylaldehyde and amino acids could be effectively used in understanding the mechanism of transamination reaction. They can act as biomimetic species. The current article focused on the syntheses, characterization, complexation behaviour and antimicrobial studies of some novel Schiff bases formed from salicylaldehyde with 3-amino benzoic acid and Glycine and Alanine using sodium hydroxide as a catalyst. The synthesized Schiff base ligands have been successfully complexed with the metal Zn (II) and studied by their spectral data. Morphological studies were carried out using SEM. The impact of complexation on the antimicrobial activity of Schiff bases and its Zn (II) complexes has also been studied.

Antony A, Fasna F, Ajil PA and Varkey JT

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