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Day by day number of Internet users increasing. Now people are using different online services provided by Banks, College/Schools, Hospitals, online utility bill payment and online shopping sites. To access online services Text-based authentication system is in use. The text-based authentication scheme faces some drawbacks with usability and security issues that bring troubles to users. For example, if the user is not very intelligently constructed the password with extra security measures, it is very easy to hack for an expert hacker. On the contrary, if a password is hard to guess, then it is often hard to remember. A person has to memorize as many password as many different websites he/she is using. So he/she gets confused and/or forgets the correct userId/password combinations. We should have an alternative system to overcome these problems. To deal with these drawbacks, authentication scheme that use a combination of images as password is proposed. Graphical passwords consist of clicking or dragging activities on the pictures rather than typing textual characters, might be the option to overcome the problems that arises from the Text-based password system. In this paper, a comprehensive study of the existing graphical password schemes and shoulder surfing problem is performed. The best way in asynchronous mode user/password validation and One Time Password authentication is proposed for enhancement in security and privacy.

Brajesh Kumar Kushwaha

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