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Analysis of Three Detergent Products and Identification of Surface Active Agents by Infrared Absorption Spectra and aReflectance Graph


Three types of commonly used detergents (i.e. detergent for all surfaces Ajax Fête des Fleurs by Colgate Palmolive, dishwashing detergent maki by AlindaVelco, limescale remover spray Nuevo Kirikoantical made by Casa Kiriko S.L. Spain) have been analyzed with the mixed indicator titration method which makes use of the mixed indicator dimidium bromide/disulphine blue. Also the use of infrared spectroscopy for qualitative identification of the anionic and non-ionic surfactants present in them is reported. Diffuse reflectance spectra (DRS) analysis is applied for the third detergent product. From the diffuse reflectance spectra the band gap energy (Eg) of the material has been estimated. This method has been investigated with a single integrating sphere system over the visible wavelength range.

Chryssou K, Stassinopoulou M and Lampi E

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