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Antifungal Susceptibility in Blood Stream Infections with Candida: An Experience from a Tertiary Care Hospital in Kerala, India


The incidence of Candidemia related hospitalizations per 100,000 population escalated by 52% during the last two decades. The causes for increased Candida infections can be attributed to the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics and immune suppressants like steroids, prolonged hospitalization, intensive care unit (ICU) stay, increased invasive procedures in medical practices, more complicated underlying diseases such as malignancies, as well as prolonged survival of patients in the modern health care system. The morbidity and mortality associated with Candidemia are high across the world. Studies regarding the treatment aspects of Candidemia are limited from resource limited settings. Our study is intended to explore the existing treatment of Candidemia which can help in decreasing the morbidity and mortality burden.

Reddy GR, Georgy SA, Pillai MG, Sudevan R

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