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Assessment of Malaria Data Quality Practice and Its Potential Factors in Nedjo Woreda, West Wellega Zone, Oromia Regional State, West Ethiopia


Introduction: Malaria is one of the most common infectious diseases and a great public health problem worldwide, particularly in Africa and south Asia. Even though Quality data on malarial disease is critical for planning, decision making and assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of the intervention on malaria control program, the available data are of poor quality. Objective: The aim of this study was to assess malaria data quality and its potential factors in Nedjo, west Wellega zone, Oromia regional state, West Ethiopia, 2013. Methods: Institutional based cross-sectional study triangulated by qualitative study design was employed. The methods include observation of data management practices, review of existing documents and in-depth interview with key informants. All (49 kebeles) in the woreda were clustered in to 5 clusters. Three clusters were randomly selected. All the health posts and all health centers in the selected cluster were included. Result: Findings of the result revealed out that all the assessed data quality dimensions are far below standard set by federal ministry of health. The mean percentage of timeliness was 69.7% and completeness was 73.7% compared to the standard set by federal ministry of health (90%). The ratio of recounted to reported data over six months was 0.766 with the mean discrepancy value of 54.5 (23.34%). problem of forgetting to transfer data from notebook to registration book, Lack of independent registration book for malaria, Lack of commitment and attention from health professionals to cross check registration book before reporting, Data filling by Estimation assuming as valueless were among some factors affecting data accuracy as explained by key informants.

Sarbessa Dereje, Adamu Birhanu*, Kassahun Alemu

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