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Barriers and Facilitators to Gastric Cancer Screening Adherence


The aim of this systematic review was to determinate the barriers and facilitators to Gastric Cancer (GC) screening adherence. Combination keywords including gastric cancer, screening, adherence, barriers, and facilitators were used to search articles in PubMed, Web of Science, Cochrane Library, MEDLINE Complete, and CINAHL Complete. Articles were searched from their inception to September 30, 2021. Full-text original studies in English dealing with barriers and facilitators to gastric cancer screening adherence were included. A total of 16 articles were included in this review. The most commonly reported barriers were poor financial condition, lack of symptoms, dislike of the screening procedure, fear of the result, and lack of time. The most identified facilitators were high income, high education level, and history of gastric problems or current symptoms. These results highlight the urgent need for educational programs to increase intention and adherence of GC screening. And it is vital to take gastric cancer screening into the health care system in some countries with high incidence.

Jin-yu Zou1*, Ying-xue Sun1*, Tian Tang1*, Ying-xin Wang1, Qian-qian Yue1, Ying Zeng1,2*

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