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Bio Immune (G)Ene Medicine-Bi(G) Med-Can Neutralize Bacterial Agents by Beating them at their Own Game


In recent years, several discoveries have deeply modified our data on the relationships between bacterium and our cells, whether or not they area unit immuno-competent cells or alternative corporeal cells that area unit subject to microorganism attack. we have a tendency to currently higher savvy our cells find microorganism aggressors mistreatment receptors of restricted specificity happiness to natural immunity and able to determine specific molecular patterns settled on microorganism membranes, being gram-positive or negative germs or mycobacteria. Once this identification has been distributed, an entire arsenal of inflammatory reactions is triggered so as to destroy as quickly as potential microorganism germs in their aggression part. featured with these defensive ways deployed by the innate system, bacterium don't stay inactive and successively implement a group of molecular reactions, as well as the mighty system of injectisomes, to elude the immune responses aiming at their neutralization or maybe their final destruction. What if, for a therapeutic purpose, we have a tendency to might counteract the ways enforced by bacterium to beat them at their own game? this can be what the Bio Immune(G)ene Medicine-in short BI(G)MED- is making an attempt to try to to quite with success by mistreatment ultra-low doses of molecules and wishing on the overall principle of Hormesis. A brief description of the strategy and a few clinical examples can facilitate to raised perceive the deserves of this sub-lingual nanotherapy, that is furthermore destitute of any undesirable aspect effects.

Gilbert Glady

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