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Biosorption is the adhesion of molecules of gas, liquid, or dissolved solids to a surface. Adsorption is present in many natural physical, biological, and chemical systems and is widely used in industrial applications. Here we had been reported work on removal of dyes from waste water by using papaya peel as biosorbent and experimental data were obtained for removal of Methylene blue dye. The results of the present work indicate that the papaya peel can be used as adsorbent for the efficient removal of Methylene blue. Since the papaya peel is easily and cheaply available in almost every places, its application for colour removal could be expected to be a practical proposition. The dye removal performance was strongly affected by parameters such as agitation time, methylene blue concentration, biosorbent dosage, pH, and temperature. The effective time of contact for better dye removal performance was found to be 35 min and dye concentration of 1mg/100ml . Maximum removal of dye was achieved at the adsorbent dosage of 0.3g/100ml and at pH 8 and at temperature 350 C. The sorption of methylene blue on papaya peel was found to follow Langmiuer- Freundlich isotherm, suggesting the possibility of heterogeneous distribution of active sites on the surface of the sorbent and the second order kinetics was best fit.

D.DivyaTeja, M.Bhavani , V.Sridevi , P.Snehalatha, and M. Lohita

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