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Breast Cancer & Types: A Review of Literature


ABSTRACT Cancer is well recognized as the world’s unhealthiness from many years till date. It outlined as assortment of ill-healths or abnormalities resulted from uncontrolled cell proliferation, violating the biological process rules and spreads to the encompassing tissues. Various specific signals dictate the biological process in healthy cells, whereas the cancer cells develop a degree of autonomy leading to uncontrolled proliferation resulting in neoplasm development. Most of the cancer connected deaths are found to be because of spreading of neoplasm cells to different body components, a phenomenon known as metastasis. Breast cancer is one among the foremost common cancers diagnosed in girls worldwide. It is the second most frequent reason for death because of cancer in girls. It is one amongst the foremost common malignancies in girls and represents the second highest reason for cancer mortality.

Satya Srinivas V

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