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Calculation of Diffusion Coefficients and Layer Thickness for Oxidation the Ferrocene Derivative in Organic Medium from Rotating Disk Electrode Data


Through this work we adopted Rotating Disk Electrode (RDE) Voltammetry to study the kinetics of oxidation and the effect of hydrazide group on ferrocene in organic medium. Thus, two different electrodes (Pt and Gc) were used in ordre to determine this latter. According to the ferrocene taken as a witness the hydrazide group related to the ferrocene made oxydation more difficult. This ferrocenic derivative showed an electrochemical stability, a reversible electrochemical system and an electronic attractor effect of these substitutional ferrocene groups. Finally, we calculated some electrochemical parameters which were: the diffusion coefficients (D), the layer thickness in addition to the electron transfer rate.

Salah Neghmouche Nacer, and Touhami Lanez

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