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Clinical use of a modified flow cytometry method for the analysis of a selected urine particle in urine samples collected from hospitalized patients


Statement of the problem: chemical analysis, aboard general blood tests, is one in all the foremost ofttimes screening tests within the clinical laboratory. weewee check encompasses a key role in identification and observance nephrological and urological disorders, however conjointly permits observance of haemostasis of the full organism. Routine chemical analysis thought of as sediment analysis consists in deciding the content of morphological parts like white corpuscle, RBC, yeasts, casts etc. weewee culture represents a gold commonplace for the designation of tract infections (UTI) conjointly basing on the assessment of the presence of microorganism cells in weewee samples. Sysmex UF-4000 instrument delivers the chance to match the chemical analysis check and microbiological examination mistreatment the changed flow cytometry technique. This technique (time concerning five minutes) permits for the quantitative determination of cells and fashioned particles within the weewee sample. Material & Methods: 1386 consecutive weewee samples were analyzed. instrument needed a pair of cubic centimeter weewee as a minimum volume however aspirated solely 450 µl. every part passing severally by the liquid stream was analyzed by the optical system, registered and showed as a private event on dot plots. chance to rule out the negative biological science weewee and preliminary microorganism Gram ‘+ve’ and Gram ‘-ve’ teams were tested. 2 cutoff values were set for microorganism, the primary 58/µl and other 300/µl looking on clinical wants. Correspondingly, positive samples were 707 (51%) and for the second cutoff 466 (34%). in addition, look and quantity of white corpuscle are often helpful to approvel the infection method. Classic biological science doesn’t offer such an opening. Conclusion & Significance: UF-4000 used for microbiological nosology provided new analytical features: rising the potency of the routine biological science, excluding microorganism UTI, reduced superfluous weewee culture, provides reliable leads to a shorten turn-around time and will facilitate clinicians to work out antibiotic medical care if it's necessary.

Magdalena Szmulik

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