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Cluster Chemistry of Organotin Compounds


Organotin compounds or stannanes are chemical compounds based on tin with hydrocarbon substituents. Organotin chemistry is part of the wider field of organometallic chemistry. The first organotin compound was diethyltin diiodide, discovered by Edward Frankland in 1849. Organotin compounds are widely applied as pesticides; as preservatives of wood, paper, textiles, leather, and glass; in heat/light protection of PVC plastics; and in antifouling paints. The use of dialkyltin compounds can cause hepatotoxicity, whereas trialkyltin compounds can cause neurotoxicity. Cluster chemistry of Organotin Compounds are usually neutral, hybrid inorganic/organic compounds that consist of an inorganic core comprising tin and chalcogen atoms, which is protected by organic substituents at the tin atoms.

Parth Gupta

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