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Case Report Open Access

Combined Cervical Laceration and Bladder Rupture: A Case Report of an Unusual Complication of Precipitated Labor


Cases of bladder rupture have been rarely reported following vaginal childbirth. To the best of our knowledge, however, no cases of combined cervical laceration and bladder rupture have been reported to date. We present the first case of a 31-year-old woman with gestational diabetes who suffered a combined cervical laceration and bladder rupture after childbirth. Precipitated labor caused by oxytocin induction resulted in vaginal and cervical lacerations. The bladder rupture was confirmed by cystography. A team of obstetricians and urologists performed the laparotomy. The patient was kept under observation for two weeks before being discharged with no serious complications.

Narges Ghasemi, Vahid Mehrnoush, Fatemeh Darsareh*, Malihe Shirzadfard Jahromi

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