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Comparative LC-ESI/MS Chemical Profile, HPLC Analysis of Isoflavonoids and Genetic Diversity of Five Soybean Genotypes


Soybean (Glycine max L. Merr.) is one of the most important and widely consumed seed legumes worldwide. The aim of this study was to investigate the metabolic and genetic profile of four Egyptian soybean genotypes (Giza21, Giza22, Giza35 and Giza111) versus Crawford, a USA imported genotype. DNA fingerprinting was tested using Inter Simple Sequence Repeats (ISSR). Twenty primers were used, five of which showed 12.5-42.8% of polymorphism clustering the tested genotypes into two major clusters of which Crawford was the most divergent genotype. Applying LC-ESI/MS analysis, twenty-seven to forty three metabolites were recognized from the defatted ethanol extract of all genotypes. Crawford, G35 and G111 were dominated by amino acids as a major constituent (83.84-74.95-42.22%) respectively. While genotype G21 contained the highest percentage of total phenolics (51.42%) and vitamins (26.44%). Organic acids represented the major constituent (54.76%) in G22. HPLC analysis of isoflavonoid content against authentic compounds showed that G35 contained the highest percentage of both total isoflavonoids and their glycosides (7.911 and 7.375 mg% respectively) while genotype Crawford showed the highest isoflavone aglycone percentage (0.875 mg%) with genistein being the major component.


Glycine max; HPLC; Isoflavonoids; ISSR; LC-ESI/MS

Suzan Adib Minaa, Howaida Ibrahim Abd-Alla, Rasha Mohamed Lithy, Marwa Mohamed Abd-Elmotaleb

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