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Comparative Studies of Locally Synthesized Detergents and SDS, for their Foaming and Cleaning Activities


A research project was carried out by BS students regarding foaming and cleaning activities of various detergents of different companies. Facile and robust strategies were employed for the analysis and different related activities of locally synthesized detergents and known sodium dodecyl sulphate (SDS) surfactant. Four different detergents A (Arial), B (Bunas), C (Bahu) and D (Axel) of different companies and one sodium dodecyl sulphate (SDS) from Sigma Aldrich were studied for their foaming stability and also knowing the efficiency of these detergents for general cleaning purposes. In this work a comparative study was done to know the efficiency of locally made products as well as internationally synthesized products. The results of locally used detergents and standard SDS surfactant were compared. The results confirm that SDS have more efficiency both in cleaning as well as in foaming as compared to the other locally available detergent used for cleaning purposes. The excessive uses of locally detergents have adverse effect on soil fertility as well as on environment. In this regard, concentration may be needed to synthesize such detergents which have locally available low cost and have environmental friendly.

Imdad Ullah, Jaffer Saifullah, Mehmood Ur Rehmam and Muhammad Ismail Khan

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