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Critical Evaluation of the Impact of Big Data on the Drug Development Stage: A Literature Review


Drug production has become an expensive and time-consuming procedure with an incredibly poor performance rate and a failure to account for human differences in drug reaction and toxicity. Throughout the last decade, an emerging ‘big data’ method that is focused on the advancement of electronic resources of chemical compounds, disorder genotype markers, operational outputs, and clinical knowledge concerning cross genetic anomalies and toxic effects has grown at an exponential rate. This paradigm transition has allowed the systemic, high-throughput and rapid detection of new drugs or recycled indicators of established drugs for infective molecular anomalies that are unique to each patient. The growing involvement in big data from the digital technology world and interactive genetic testing sectors has made it easier to obtain customised, precision medicine. Assurance (QA) is critical in the pharmaceutical sector for ensuring that pharmaceutical goods are prepared to a safe and uniform standard. QA is a broad term that refers to anything that can affect the quality of a drug during its research, development, manufacturing, and distribution phases. QA specialists are in charge of implementing a variety of methods that help to ensure the quality of a medicine.

John Raymond

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