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Critical Review on Modification of TiO2 for the Reduction of CO2


With the passage of time the consumption of fossil fuels is increasing which causes to eliminate more and more greenhouse gases such CO2 in our atmosphere. CO2 is much harmful for us causes energy Crises etc. One of the best solution to reduce the quantity of CO2 into valuable sources such as CH4, HCO2H, CH2O, and CH3OH by preparing metal oxide semiconducting materials with the use of metal doping and coupling with other metal oxides. Metal oxide (TiO2) has been used for the photo catalytically reduction of CO2 due its non-toxicity, cheapness and environmentally friendly. Modification of TiO2 has concerned many interests due to maximum light absorption, decrease recombination rate, increase surface area to volume ratio, increase CO2 adsorption ability and enhanced activity of TiO2 for the conversion of CO2 into valuable sources. In this review paper, recent work on TiO2 has been presented including doping of metals and non-metals, coupling with metal oxides and heterojunction composites.

Muhammad Khalid Hussain* and Tahir Iqbal

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