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Scheduling of a grid is one of the important things to Quality of Service provisioning and efficient management of grid resources. The state of the grid resources and the application demands together form the core of Grid scheduling though, such demands go unnoticed in highly demanding applications as the usually generate data which will be transferred during execution. There could create havoc in the performance if there are no appropriate assessments of these demands. Hence the thought of uncertainties is of the very best importance within the formulation of a grid programming drawback. This paper introduces the IPDT- FUZZY hardware that may be a hardware that considers the stress of grid applications with such uncertainties. Fuzzy optimization is used by the scheduler and both communication and computational demands are expressed as fuzzy numbers. During an uncertainty with the communication requirement, its performance was evaluated and the results were very impressive while, its results were directly compared to that of a deterministic counterpart scheduler.

M.R.Sundaram, K.Prakash

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