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Microstrip antennas have become a rapidly growing area of research. Their potential applications are limitless, because of their light weight, compact size, and ease of manufacturing. One limitation is their inherently narrow bandwidth. However, recent studies and experiments have found ways of overcoming this obstacle. Design and analysis of Compact Multiband Microstrip Patch Antennas are presented. The antenna is suitable for use in hand-held or other mobile devices. This antenna has a smaller size, and can be built on a double-sided printed circuit board or stamped from thin sheet metal, our aim is to design a patch antenna for frequency ranges starting from 900 MHz to 5.35 GHz which includes the GSM (880-960) GPS (1568-1592 MHz), DCS (1710-1880 MHz), and PCS (1850-1990 MHz). UMTS (1920-2170 MHz), IEEE 802.11 b/g (2400-2484) and WLAN IEEE 802.11a band (5.15-5.35) in order to meet the demand for newer microwave and millimeter-wave systems and emerging telecommunication challenges with respect to size, performance and cost of an antenna. It offers the advantages of light weight, low cost and ease of fabrication. Design of compact multiband microstrip patch antenna includes the analysis of antenna parameters such as Bandwidth, Gain and Directivity which are related to antenna dimensions and their substrate Material parameters. Further we extend our investigations on various methods of improving the bandwidth and gain of the antenna which is used for mobile communication.

K.S.Tamilselvan S.MahendraKumar and K.Senthil Prakash

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