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Determinants of Success And Challenges In Healthcare System: The Case of Abu-Dhabi


A greater attention to comparative research of international health systems occurred in the early 1990s due to arguments over the American healthcare reforms aside from increased global cooperation. Healthcare systems in both developed and developing countries have been challenged and, in some cases, have struggled to meet the demands of residents. This paper engages the key factors that contribute to healthcare systems including demographic, social and economic features. Moreover, it discusses a crucial current health system issue that surrounds health professionals. The paper examines the Abu-Dhabi healthcare system and engages with other systems in relation to efficiency and outcomes. The analysis in this paper reveals concerns regarding issues related to access and utilization of health services, service delivery methods, financing the system and the health workforce. More sophisticated reforms need to be implemented to get improvements comparable to international standards.

Dr Sheima Ali*, Dr Bryan McIntosh, Dr Anjali Raj

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