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Determining Concentrations of Pigments in Different Lipsticks of Same Colour


Lipsticks are cosmetic products used to enhance the look of lips. They are constitutes pigments, oil, waxes and emollients. Lipsticks are of great market value in today’s cosmetic industry. The author in the current article has determined the concentrations of pigments present in lipsticks of different brands available in the market of same colour [1]. During crime investigation cosmetics should be analysed properly as sometimes it can provide useful link of the suspect. Lipsticks now a day also used to protect our lips and to make our lips more beautiful. Legal researchers use beautifiers lipstick prints and spreads as proof for fathoming unlawful acts. Hints of lipstick, lipstick smears could be discovered left on drinking containers, glasses, cigarette butts, tissue papers or hanky. In specific cases, follow measure of lipstick was exchanged to the apparel of culprit who assaulted a female. By looking at the arrangement of a lipstick smear with that of a casualty, legal researchers can exhibit aberrant confirmation of contact or a relationship between casualty and suspect. Likewise, it is infrequently conceivable to concentrate spit DNA from the print. Hence, scientific investigation of lipsticks was frequently found to be urgent in the examination of criminal cases. The distinguishing proof and determination of segments in a lipstick test must be directed with fast systems. Lipsticks contain wax, oil and shading operators as three fundamental fixings. Wax empowers the alteration of the backbone properties to warmth and solidified surface on application. Then, oil gives glossy and skims quality. Amid assembling process, the number of colors or shading specialists utilized is restricted and mix of colors offer ascent to variety in shade. Shading specialists can be either engineered or common colors which can further be ordered into oil soluble alternately water dissolvable colors. In this manner, lipstick of same shading may contain differed shading specialists

Anuradha Kumari

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