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Developing Networks in Dentistry - How Important it is!


The basic principle of periodontal therapy is to control the initiation and progression of disease. More than focusing on host factors and microbial challenge control the specialty has been dramatically changed in recent years. It developed to a high level of expertise in the regeneration of connective tissue and bone. Most of the periodontal diseases in large number of patients are managed by successfully converted experimental principles of therapy in to practical clinical application by the combined approach of periodontal researchers and clinicians. One of the models for future periodontics suggests that patients are allowed to be treated according to systemic conditions and complexity of controlling the case. Some patients on aggressive disease path require excess monitoring of the inflammation and assessment periodontitis impact on systemic disease than required for patients on less aggressive path. The treatment, which is based on control and risk, requires a different network that involves periodontists, general dentist and other dental specialists.

Rajashree Dasari

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