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Effective and Efficient Pharmacist-Patient (Client) Relationship (Managing Different Patient Personalities)


As varied as are different shades of colours we find, so also the kinds of people we meet and interact with. As professionals however, we have to handle and manage them all appropriately.

The key is in finding techniques that help you disarm unhappy and/or uncooperative patients and maintain the sanity of the work environment to keep the patients satisfied by providing stellar professional pharmaceutical service. Also, understanding what the most appropriate and acceptable behaviour is in any given situation accounts for ease in effective Pharmacist- Patient relationship.

Therefore, being intuitive and adaptive is an effective and applicable strategy in managing different types of patients. That way, Pharmacists can keep all patients happy and relatively satisfied. With each Pharmacist-Patient interaction being unique, it requires a great level of common sense, the application of diplomacy, tact, good judgment and constant practice to master. Always keep in mind; every patient is someone else's loved one and should be treated as human as possible.

Chukwuka Obioma Opara*, Gbenga Emmanuel Odubayo, and Kauna Usman

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