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Effects of SO2 and NO2 in Flue Gas on CO2 Sequestration and Intracellular Microstructures Analysis of Chlorella sp.


This study investigated the effects of CO2, NO2 and SO2 on the growth of algae strain (C. vulgaris) and intracellular energetic substance accumulation. The algae can grow well with high concentration of CO2- air mixture gases (10%, 15% (v/v)) and reached the maximal biomass when growing with 15% CO2-air mixture gases by a week, but lipid appear easier to be accumulated in the algae cultivated with 5% CO2- air mixture gases due to the increase of pH in the medium. NO2 and SO2 with moderate amount (NO2: 4.4 mg/d; SO2: 0.159 mg/d) have no obvious effect of inhibition on the algae growing but induce the energetic substance accumulation in alga cells, such as carbohydrate and lipid, which were accordant with the results of microstructure observations as well as the Rubisco activities analysis. Consequently, NO2 and SO2 with moderate amount sometimes can beneficial for energetic microalgae production with high concentration of CO2.

Guanhua Huang, Jun Wang, Yali Kuang, and Huan He

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