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To view the hidden video files by exploitation secret recognition system. [1] Video files are incorporated exploitation compression and extracted by decompression techniques. Cheating the hackers by showing solely the duplicate video file. [2] Making a brand new video player to play the incorporated files. Viewing the initial video file is feasible once trigger is generated. Files are incorporated exploitation compression algorithms. Here the MSA (Meheboob, Saima and Asoke) formula is employed to cyphering the key message and introduced a brand new organization methodology for generating the irregular key matrix that contains all 256 characters in sixteen X sixteen matrix to encrypt plain computer file and to decipher cipher computer file. To make the compression and therefore the decompression method all secured the authors has introduced multiple compression and multiple decompression strategies. [3] The utmost length of the text key is often of sixteen characters long and it's going to contain any character (ASCII code zero to 255). From the given text key one will calculate the organization variety and therefore the encoding variety exploitation a formula. Furthermore the multiple compression methodology makes the system more secured. To cover encrypted secret video enter the duvet file the authors have inserted within the 4-th little bit of every character of encrypted message enter eight consecutive bytes of the duvet file. The authors have introduced secret for concealment information within the cowl file. This methodology is also the foremost secured methodology in defense for causation some confidential video file.

Santhosh Kumar S, Kishore A and Mr. Chandrasekaran

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